Walter Station

Beer with a smile

About the Brand

One of the best brewery vibes in Arizona, Walter Station resides in the historic fire station known as “Old 29” that once served the surrounding Phoenix area. Today, Walter Station Brewery proudly serves its iconic beers to both locals and travelers looking to savor the moment or a refreshing rescue from the blazing Arizona heat.

To stand out in a competitive Arizona craft beer market, Modly set out to help build a scalable brand that captures the story that is Walter Station and their iconic beers.

Services + Solutions

More than just beer

Like the story of the brewery, Walter Station’s brews are more than just beer, they tell a story that begins with a finely crafted authentic style. The beer name, imagery and colors are then carefully selected to connect the target audience to the experience they crave, and will keep them coming back for more.

With each beer brand, there are layers to the story. Often, the story must capture the attention of a shopping customer. In other instances, a story must sell an experience or promise. Last but not least, a good beer brand must be memorable and impactful.

Brand Traits

The bold, simple, and recognizable W

The Walter Station W with a smile boldly crowns the top of each beer brand. This allows for a more illustrative creative direction on the label designs, telling a story that sells, not just beer, but an experience.

A bold 101 IBU double IPA is represented by “Rail Bender”, a steel hammer wielding hero paving the way for a hop-forward, metal bending beer. Then there’s the approachable Baja Girl representing Walter Station’s easy drinking blonde ale, which if you listen closely enough, you might just hear the whispering winds and rolling waves of the sun soaked Baja paradise South of the border.

A brand that’s built to grow within an evolving market

Scalability is always a top priority when we create a brand for out clients. Walter Station needed brands that maximize its potential at different levels of the craft beer market. For example, many instances call for the staple 16 oz can, while other instances may benefit from the more approachable 12 oz cans, all the way up to the king size 19.2 oz cans and crowlers. 

Branding on tap

Draft is always crucial in craft beer. Being able to utilize the brand and product story when serving draft beer is a powerful tool that every brewery needs to utilize well. Keg packaging is often just as important as the smaller can packaging, continuing the beer branding and story throughout the beer’s lifecycle. To maximize potential, it’s important that this branding and story carries over seamlessly from one step of the sales process to the next.

Out in the world

The Walter Station brand functions well in many different forms, making it easy to create marketing promotional items. This includes swag, apparel, coasters, stickers, and anything else that helps bring the Walter Station beer brands to its loyal customers.


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