Sudoku by O.H.S.O.

An herbalist meets the Einstein of brewing

About the Brand

Sudoku, brewed by O.H.S.O. Brewery, is a Japanese style rice lager with a modern twist. Brewed with Jasmine rice, lemongrass, ginger and Jasmine Monkey King Green Tea, this lager needed a brand to capture its complex yet methodical flavor profile.

Modly’s goal was to communicate the flavor and experience a consumer can expect when they open the can. There were 3 key elements used to accomplish just that:

Services + Solutions

Mouthwateringly Refreshing

Metallic silver with bold vertical type feels slim, light, and crisp. Condensation on a metallic can label further emphasizes its mouthwateringly refreshing nature. Natural elements and textures give it a hand crafted, approachable feel including typography, illustrations and carefully selected print materials.

Brand Traits

Marrying the mind of a crafty herbalist and the Einstein of modern day brewing.

Layering semi-transparent elements of tea leaves and a sudoku puzzle grid for juxtaposition marries the mind of a crafty herbalist and the Einstein of modern day brewing. The image-mark of an opaque red 9-celled grid paired with wild tea leaves feels complete, balanced, and natural.

Using haptics to communicate silky natural flavors

A matte laminate over a silver metallic material creates a satiny texture reflective of the silky, natural flavors. This makes the can feel good in your hand and look refreshing to drink while adding a unique and memorable element.


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