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Changing times call for changing brands

About the Brand

Times of change are the perfect opportunity for a company to look closer and think seriously about its brand. That opportunity came for Printing Solutions in 2020 while facing the challenges of COVID-19. The goal for Printing Solutions was to leverage those big changes and keep winning while building for scalable success and future growth. Modly’s solution? A new brand strategy focused on clear messaging, emotional connection and consistency across all platforms.

This strategic rebrand utilizes market positioning and brand messaging to communicate personalization, approachability, efficiency and versatility. The result is simplified, accessible and functional.

Services + Solutions

For every message

Your brand has a voice and it matters how you use it. Printing Solutions’ brand promise “For Every Message” and use of the acronym PS establish identity and earn trust as a resource for all who communicate. It conveys clearly that any and all messaging is important and that Printing Solutions provides solidarity, security and thoughtfulness for each of its clients’ needs. 

Brand Traits

A modern palette

Brand colors are a key element to connect and communicate emotionally with the audience. Multiple bright colors adjacent white makes one feel optimistic and energized. Green is added to the CMYK-based palette, creating a space where the print industry meets the digital world harmoniously.

The colors may be expressed individually or through geometric patterns inspired by paper. The geometric designs convey structure, reliability and efficiency.

Branding for the future

Simplicity makes this identity scalable for unlimited growth in any direction. This solution gives them the versatility the need, even in unsure times. Using the brand elements consistently across all platforms encourages feelings of trust and dependability.


Make the most of your next project with Modly.

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