O.H.S.O. Brewery

Setting the standard for local craft beer

About the Brand

O.H.S.O. is a brewery that many locals have come to love, not just because they make craft beer, but because they offer a truly unique experience for anyone looking for a casual spot to spend with friends, family or co-workers. This culture that O.H.S.O. has cultivated over the years draws some of the largest crowds you’ll see at an Arizona craft brewery.

With O.H.S.O.’s one-of-a-kind character, it was Modly’s #1 goal to capture the uniqueness of both the people of O.H.S.O. and their beer.

Services + Solutions

No one does it better than O.H.S.O.

Consumers expect craft beer to be creative and fun, and no one does both of those things better than O.H.S.O. With a team of brewers who aren’t afraid to put their own spin on crafting bold beers paired with an inclusive brewery environment, O.H.S.O. has truly set an industry standard for craft beer.

One of O.H.S.O.’s greatest strengths is their effort to support their community of people. Their beers are often in support of a good cause or community, either to raise awareness or bring people together.

Brand Traits

Signature Rising – Beer for Phoenix Rising FC

In collaboration with the Phoenix Rising FC and the coaching staff, Modly helped brand a one-of-a-kind light lager with a touch of new world hops, newly dubbed the “Phoenix Lager”. Not only is this a unique beer, Modly created a can that’s become a collectors item that features signatures of all the current players from that years team roster.

988 – Suicide prevention & support beer

O.H.S.O. started the “988” beer, which is a nationwide collaboration promoting awareness of the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Proceeds from this beer benefit local and national groups, helping to normalize asking for help in crisis situations.

Modly helped create a brand that could bring brewery friends together to join in this endeavor. We created a template that has been used by countless breweries across the nation.

Suicide is preventable!

O.H.S.O. pattern

O.H.S.O. has crafted hundreds of beers since they opened in 2011. Each beer having its own character, Modly created a design that could be replicated across the OHSO brand, showcasing and telling the story of many past and present beers.

This graphic has been used on apparel, marketing, beer labels, spirit labels, vehicle wraps, refrigerator wraps, and much more.

Sudoku – Japanese Rice Lager

We spoke to Arizonan’s on a local level in both Northern Arizona as well as the Valley. This included speaking directly to consumers at local taprooms to surveying hikers at trailheads. We also conducted a state-wide and national survey to compare results and see exactly what made the Arizona consumer market unique, and what it is they crave.


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