A sip of Arizona adventure

About the Brand

Wanderlust Brewing company was looking to tap into the hot Arizona hard seltzer market. Not just any part of Arizona, they set out to explore side-by-side with the outdoor Arizona adventurer.

To help stand out in a crowded market, a new brand with a fresh perspective and the ability to capture adventure in the brand itself was crucial.

Services + Solutions

A sip of Arizona adventure

Being brewed in the heart of Northern Arizona, this all-natural hard seltzer needed a brand that captured the essence that was unique with the area, both locally and regionally. This uncovered Flagstaff and it’s tagline, “The city of seven wonders.”

With these locations came ideas to create unique natural wonder inspired flavors that adventurers would crave.

Brand Traits

A modern, light, craft beverage inspired by Arizona’s iconic wilderness

Using inspiration from the ‘Northern 7’ locations, the goal was to layer the adventure throughout the consumer experience. Whether that’s purchasing the product in store, reading the label, or simply giving the viewer something to explore while sipping their Arizona craftedseltzer around a campfire after a long day-hike.

Your designated travel companion

For marketing Northern 7, the strategy is to showcase the seltzer as your trusty travel companion that is always up for an effortlessly great time among the great outdoors. (photos from Northern 7’s social media.)

Getting to know the consumer

We spoke to Arizonan’s on a local level in both Northern Arizona as well as the Valley. This included speaking directly to consumers at local taprooms to surveying hikers at trailheads. We also conducted a state-wide and national survey to compare results and see exactly what made the Arizona consumer market unique, and what it is they crave.


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