Welcome to the modern audit experience

About the Brand

NetPositive wanted a modernized approach to a positive utility auditing experience. In an industry full of traditional methods and mindsets, NetPositive saw that it was time to grow and evolve. 

To rise above the competition in an established industry, NetPositive needed a wise and experienced brand that shows they are different from the others.

Services + Solutions

That’s a bold mark

NetPositive’s refreshing approach to utility auditing required a mark that was timeless, appealing to a target audience that’s looking for new solutions without ignoring what’s traditionally known to work for them.

A bold but simple mark was the answer, showcasing NetPositive’s ability to change, adapt and move with the needs of their customers.

As technology takes the place of more traditional auditing methods, the brand is built to seamlessly transition from one form of communication to the next, offering a strong identity no matter how or where it’s used.

Brand Traits

Fit to win-win

NetPositive radiates positivity and energy, appealing to people who are looking for a big win. This is fitting for a product the offers a win-win for their clients, giving peace of mind that NetPositive will always deliver when the opportunity is there. 


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