The ticket to North America

About the Brand
Keolis achieved global presence in the transportation industry, implementing its systems all over the world. They came to Modly with the goal to revamp and improve everyday consumer travel here in the Americas, starting with their brand.

Keolis had an established, successful brand abroad. However, a new strategy was necessary to expand into the American market. It became clear that best approach was to use branding to challenge existing perceptions of public transportation.

Services + Solutions

Introducing connected mobility

Multi-modal transportation is an efficient and environmentally-beneficial travel option that offers its users an affordable alternative to personal automobiles. Modly created a series of solutions including a fresh and modern website, engaging marketing materials and clear visuals.
Brand Traits

Creating a website for Keolis in the Western World

The website’s navigation is inspired by the experience of travel itself. Modly’s strategy guides each viewer through the website while taking in information at each stop along the way. This is all done with this perspective in mind: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

A passenger’s perspective

What would it look like expanding the mobility ecosystem in your community? How would it work, and how could it improve your daily life? Modly took the guesswork out of things by creating visuals to showcase a commuter revolution with Keolis.

Securing Investors

Keolis needed brand awareness not only for their customers, but for potential investors as well. Modly engineered a series of presentations and pitch decks designed to take the viewer on a journey through information.


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