Hyve 1

Transportation and sustainable living

About the Brand

Hyve 1 is moving the United States toward ZERO EMISSIONS with the first green hydrogen fuel production facility in the heart of the Southwest.

Modly has teamed up with Hyve 1 to set the course for advanced transportation technology and green hydrogen fuel development, leading the way to a new brand of sustainable living.

Services + Solutions

The name tells the story

Modly developed the name from the idea of building a self-sustaining community with hydrogen at its core. The name seemingly chose itself when a group of bees began buzzing with excitement as the team opened the valve to 12,000 annual acre feet of water upon the property for the first time. With that, Hyve 1 was born.

As a brand, there was an importance in the ability to bring Hyve 1 to life and take the audience on a journey that’s not just compelling, but achievable. Modly created an identity with key visuals and messaging that delivered just the right amount of information while keeping the viewers wanting more.

Brand Traits

This oasis in the desert is no mirage

Building a state of the art green hydrogen production facility and self-sustaining smart community is no common feat. Hyve 1 needed a relatable brand ready to lead the way into a sustainable future for the US.

As a project that is scheduled to progress over multiple phases, Modly engineered this brand for scalability. Stay tuned for the next steps toward a new future of sustainable living.

A logo fit for Hyve 1

The Hyve 1 logo represents a hydrogen filled honeycomb that surrounds a prominent number “1”. The “1” symbolizes a solidarity toward the goal of sustainable living, and the source that’s helping lead the way, hydrogen.


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