One of a Kind Hydroponics

About the Brand
HyKreations came to Modly seeking brand development and packaging design for their new range of hydroponic products. In a booming industry, HyKreations knew they needed to stand out against their competition. Though the products are suitable for all agricultural projects, this series targets the cannabis industry in a new age of growing

Great care and detail went into the development of each HyKreations product, so each one needed to stay true to its unique personality while maintaining one cohesive aesthetic and vibe. This communicates to the user that while each product can stand alone and be great, it can also work synergistically with the entire series to yield the ultimate results.

Services + Solutions

Lookin’ Good is Feelin’ Good

Plant science and biology were cornerstones of the inspiration and focus throughout this project. Modly’s strategy was to create extraordinary visuals for an out-of-this-world view into the magic these products could make. Carefully chosen colors individualize each product while keeping the entire series connected.
Brand Traits

Noble Gills

The king of the sea. Noble Gills uses sardines from the coldest of waters to produce a potent plant fertilizer. This nutrient-dense formula comes from the excess fat these sardines produce in such cold environments.


Two is better than one when you introduce Connexion. Combine the strengths of multiple plants to create strains the world has never seen before!


Grow anything, anywhere with Heart. With this product, even the harshest climates, the most difficult terrains and the most extreme environments won’t keep your plants from thriving.


Whatever you put into your soil, Aura will make sure it transfers and radiates throughout the entire plant. Remember the characteristics of those added nutrients; you’ll notice those traits yield after yield.


Help your plants come to life in every aspect. This is the secret ingredient that plants need to show their best selves. Come harvest time, you’ll be proud of what your plants have produced.


Make the most of your next project with Modly.

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