Gifted & Creative

Helping Artists and Talent Get Noticed

About the Brand

Gifted & Creative is a community organization showcasing creative talent in dance, acting, music and modeling. They were seeking a brand to establish their presence in the creative scene.

Modly’s goal was to appeal to a multitude of people in their respective creative industries. It was critical to get this right so that the brand would represent Gifted & Creative as they are: experts in their field.

Services + Solutions

Giving Individuals the Spotlight

Dynamic shapes and movement inspired this concept process, achieving a spirited solution that translates across a wide range of creative industries and shows the artist how G&C can move you. Bright colors bring out the expressive, adventurous elements of their core character traits.

Brand Traits

Communicating Heart, Soul and Passion

This ad series puts the artist front and center as they show the world their talent and live their dreams. Lively, bold, fun and energetic.


Make the most of your next project with Modly.

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