Freely Taproom & Kitchen

You're Free to Bee

About the Brand

Freely Taproom & Kitchen opened its doors in 2021 to become an integral part of its surrounding community and a place where people are always free to be themselves.

To overcome competition in uncertain times, Freely needed a brand to bring positivity and a refreshing light to its industrious community.

Services + Solutions

Landing on a bee

Through the discovery process it became clear that a visual theme, icon or mascot was the right strategy to build the brand around. Looking at what’s special to the area, the taproom itself, and something scalable for when they decide to expand, we landed on the image of a bee.

For the overall brand, we wanted to deepen the connection between the name Freely and its mascot. The tagline is “Free to Bee,” which represents a life on the move often in search for its beloved nectar.

Brand Traits

An industrious logo for an industrious neighborhood

The industrious nature of bees seemed all-too-fitting for the hard working person in search for a place to relax freely after the day of a busy bee. An integral part of any community, bees also need a place to gather, call their own community and get a taste of the nectar they’ve worked so hard for.

Approachability and comfort

Simplifying the bee’s form down to its most basic elements, emphasizing the attractive parts of the bee itself while the overall form retained its realism, providing approachability and a sense of relaxation.

As a compliment to both bees and beers, a sunshine yellow brings out the lighthearted and fun energy at the taproom. Deep ocean blue adds trust, quality and comfort. Together these colors create a cozy and positive environment for family, friends or business.


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