Brown Plastic Surgery

A comforting transformation

About the Brand

Brown Plastic Surgery needed a brand that was elegant, but most importantly, approachable. Modly focused on the traits that make Brown Plastic Surgery unique and stand out from the competition.

When developing Brown Plastic Surgery’s foundation, Modly wanted to emphasize the BPS team personality. Direct feedback from their patients revealed how they were treated like family and felt at ease throughout the process, so communicating this through their brand was crucial.

Services + Solutions

Introducing ease and building confidence

Plastic Surgery is all about transformation. With a light but confident and trustworthy feel, clients can rest assured that they are on their way to releasing their inner beauty. What better way to represent this than a butterfly?

Brand Traits

Release your inner beauty

One of the biggest challenges a person can face is being their best self on both the inside and out. Brown Plastic Surgery needed a brand that communicates their clients will receive the support they need.


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