Beam of Night

Showcasing Character

About the Brand
Beam Suntory, a leading distributer of spirits, came to Modly with their focus set on one brand: Jim Beam. The task? Revive interest in a long-established brand with great history and richness.

This brand foundation captures the tradition of whiskey while appealing to a sophisticated, energetic and trendy crowd. A successful brand relied on the ability to communicate nightlife and fun in one exclusive package.

Services + Solutions

The star comes out at night

Elegance and classic style were key elements of this concept. The crescent moon is formed from the curve of a whiskey barrel, and corked by the star. One moon, one star, only one Jim Beam.
Brand Traits

A night to remember

Modly executed this brand by creating the “Beam of Night” event, an exclusive party with beauty, sophistication, fun and great flavor. Flyers and ads didn’t suit this VIP guest list, so a custom digital invite was built to ignite interest and add that extra layer of luxe.

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