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Northern 7

Wanderlust Brewing company was looking to tap into the hot Arizona hard seltzer market. Not just any part of Arizona, they set out to explore side-by-side with the outdoor Arizona adventurers and enthusiasts.

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NetPositive wanted a modernized approach to a positive utility auditing experience. In an industry full of traditional methods and mindsets, NetPositive saw that is was time to grow and evolve.

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Freely Taproom & Kitchen opened its doors in 2021 to become an integral part of its surrounding community and a place where people are always free to be themselves.

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Hyve 1

Hyve 1 is moving the United States toward ZERO EMISSIONS with the first green hydrogen fuel production facility in the heart of the Southwest.

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Sudoku, brewed by O.H.S.O. Brewery, is a Japanese style rice lager with a modern twist. Brewed with Jasmine rice, lemongrass, ginger and Jasmine Monkey King Green Tea, this lager needed a brand to capture its complex yet methodical flavor profile.

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GeoTriv is a community for people who love to travel. Modly created an experience that people could enjoy on the go, while they’re waiting for a flight or in a taxi headed to their next grand adventure.

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Zynity was looking for a brand and identity that could communicate a new way of leading and connecting. Not only is it a new way of thinking, it’s an innovative product that appeals to the modern team.

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Gilt Lifter

Four Peaks Brewing Co. is introducing a light version of their flagship brew, Kilt Lifter, called Gilt Lifter. This light beer is brewed to retain the flavor that craft beer enthusiasts crave while competing with other low calorie beers on the market.

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Find Fido

The Find Fido app works to bring together concerned pet parents in your neighborhood and even help build a future safety net for the next time Fido manages to sneak out.

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Brown Plastic Surgery

Brown Plastic Surgery needed a brand that was elegant, but most importantly, approachable. Modly focused on the traits that make Brown Plastic Surgery unique and stand out from the competition.

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Beam of Night

Beam Suntory, a leading distributer of spirits, came to Modly with their focus set on one brand: Jim Beam. The task? Revive interest in a long-established brand with great history and richness.

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Keolis looks to revamp and improve everyday consumer travel here in the Americas, starting with their brand.

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In a booming industry, HyKreations knew they needed to stand out against their competition. Though the products are suitable for all agricultural projects, this series targets the cannabis industry in a new age of growing.

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Alcove was seeking a brand to help them stand out as an established resource in the luxury real estate market while appealing to their target demographic.

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Gifted & Creative

Gifted & Creative is a community organization showcasing creative talent in dance, acting, music and modeling. They were seeking a brand to establish their presence in the creative scene.

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