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Leading is Connecting

Zynity was looking for a brand and identity that could communicate a new way of leading and connecting. Not only is it a new way of thinking, it’s an innovative product that appeals to the modern team.

Building the foundation – Zynity believes that clear communication with a focus on building elite leadership is the key to long term corporate growth. Modly started using the Zynity products in its own daily processes to truly learn who Zynity is and experience how it can directly impact a team.


Bring Out the Best

Zynity is more than just a way to organize communication and action, it allows the agency to bring out the best in your leadership team. Modly created a brand to showcase these traits as a great product for any growing team or business.

Primary Brand Trait – Collaborative

Supporting Traits:   Honest, Organized, Positive, Honest, Forward, Innovative, Resourceful

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Growth Through Connected Leadership

The new brand reflects a clear connection between team members and leadership with the freedom to allow individuals’ natural skills to evolve through the process. It also communicates forward thinking and approaching challenges.


Communication Through Simplification

Communication is all about clarity. This brand shows that no matter how different we are as people, when you cut out the noise, we all exist to achieve a greater goal.

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Let’s build an
intelligent brand.

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