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Branding Through COVID

The Printing Solutions team has been in business since 2008 and simply outgrew their original brand. With new products, service, equipment and leadership, the company wanted a brand to communicate not only its growth but the evolving world of print. This new look needed to be versatile in order to expand its reach to a younger generation in a digital age.

Building the foundation – Modly identified the character traits of this well-established company ready to make waves in a 5000-year-old industry. At its core, it was necessary for the Printing Solutions brand to communicate their depth of knowledge, resource, experience and expertise while showing they are here to break the mold.

PS-Magazine-Mockup-(web) (2)

The New Generation of Print

This logo concept portrays paper, the most iconic aspect of the traditional print industry. Ordinary paper with folds or overlapping shapes didn’t make the cut for this new-age brand. This is paper coming to life as an origami bird, lifting its brand to new heights. The magenta fits its young and adventurous side in a way that’s loud and proud. In a world of paper and endless colors, anything is possible.

Primary Brand Trait – Optimistic

Supporting Traits:   Approachable, Resourceful, Simplified, Adventurous, Efficient, Honest, Smart, Fresh

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Pushing The Boundaries

In a modern age where many print shops have lost their luster, Modly created a brand to push the boundaries of the expected while still appealing to a broad and diverse community. With magenta to capture the viewer’s attention, subtle details come into play and show the brand’s ability to be different yet reliable.

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