What is a Brand?


If you’re a business or marketing professional, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about your brand… but what exactly is it?

Your brand is your personality

It is already there, but it must be discovered and articulated. Your brand is who you are, and you can’t change who you are. It’s impossible to maintain authenticity with your audience if you are exhausted from maintaining an illusion. 

Our process isn’t about changing you. It’s about helping you grow. Your customer needs to immediately know what’s special about you so that you can be found in a rapidly growing world of strong brands. If you forget about your brand, you risk being forgotten.

Your brand is your identity

Making a first impression is everything. When we meet someone new, our brain is actively and constantly searching for cues to tell us how to feel about them. We are aiding in this process by presenting ourselves in the way we want to be perceived, with our personal style or how we  speak, laugh or walk.

It is the same experience between you and your customer. Your brand’s job is to give out those cues strategically in a way that forms desirable connections with someone from the targeted market. You might think of some visual elements that could do that: Logos, fonts or photography. Yes, these are all part of your brand, but your brand is made up of many elements working together strategically.

Your brand is your culture

Brands have an important role in our relationships with our customers. But what about internally? Having the right people on your team is essential for growth. Your brand not only attracts the right employees, it links them to the like-minded individuals who can become lifelong customers.

Your brand elevates the spirit of the company and makes your team proud to be a part of it. Those employees who relate to their company brand are better at selling for them.  A good brand ignites passion and loyalty in the workplace. 

Company culture begins with your brand, setting the tone, driving the pace and leading the way for the team. This can take a significant burden off of leadership roles so they can focus on what they do best. 

What are you doing to grow your business?

Companies who have invested in their brand have cultivated loyal customers, driven up stock value and made their companies untouchable during even the most difficult of times. 

The best strategy to maintain efficacy of your brand is to allocate a yearly budget to brand strategy and maintenance. A brand strategist at Modly can help you get started.


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