Starting at the Molecular Level


It’s all about the details —

There are typically two methods to building a brand: The inside-out and the outside-in approach. Inside refers to everything within the organization starting with the core stakeholders; the outside consists of the overall market. 

Each method can be effective on its own, however, why not use both to ensure that you’re seeing the entire landscape and potential your brand holds within its market.

Whether we’re looking inside or outside an organization, the goal is to dissect each part down to the molecular level. This level of detail can be cumbersome but it’s here where the most important revelations and ideas are pioneered. 

Once each detail has been investigated, you’ll start to notice trends, overlaps and connections, much like you see in atoms and molecules interacting with one another!

Mimicking the greatest design of all to achieve the greatest result

The definition of branding is: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Actually, according to Google, that is the definition of the term “science.” That’s right, branding is very much a science as the definition can be directly correlated to how branding should be approached. 

For example, Modly developed a branding process that’s built around the idea of connecting multiple parts to create a larger whole. We call it our Mindfully DONE process, which is a biomimicry of how atoms and molecules interact with one another and ultimately create… well, the entire universe.

Our Process

Our Mindfully DONE™ method uses four strategic phases to build an intelligent brand for you, starting at the molecular level:

D. – Discovery – Customers, market, product and industry
O. – Overview – Personality, mission, values, voice and vision
N. – Nucleus – Core identity and perception of the brand
E. – Engage – Interactions (social, marketing and advertising)

The Discovery and Overview phases are intertwined and very much rely on one another to co-exist. This is the inside-out versus outside-in methods discussed earlier, both must work together to ultimately achieve the best results. 

Once the Discovery and Overview phases are complete, that’s where the Nucleus begins to take form. This becomes your identity and how everyone around you knows how, when and where to interact with you.

When it’s time for you to begin making connections with the outside world, the Engage step of the Mindfully DONE process is carefully designed to obtain that all important connection.

This is just a quick look at our Mindfully DONE process, if you’d like more or have any questions, we love discussing science and branding!


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