The Creative Process


Process makes perfect —

Nothing stifles the most creative of people like a strict, structured process. Or does it? Most creative people reading the words “strict” and “structure” in the same sentence would either get a cold chill down their spine, cringe or both.

That being said, consistency is crucial when discussing results. So, how much structure versus freedom is needed to achieve consistent results and the most creative solutions? That’s why a good process makes for perfect results.

The funny thing about freedom is that choosing one, can negate another, so choose your freedoms carefully and consciously. – LeAura Alderson

Without proper structure and discipline, the best opportunities and ideas could be missed. The goal is to set a destination, piece together the crucial bits of data and use it to form a solid foundation to grow on. 

Once the foundation is complete, it’s time to begin the journey of building upward toward your destination. However, it’s these early stages that your precious growth will rely on to sustain consistency over a long period of time. 

A weakness at any point in the foundation and structure could have a devastating effect later on, not only for building a brand, but for a business as well. Just ask a notable leaning tower that can be found in Northern Italy.

How much of the creative process is structured?

There’s no actual number or percentage, but structure should be used throughout the entire creative process. If you had to cross a cliffside, you would need structure to form a safe pathway from point A to point B. It wouldn’t be a good feeling if you made it 80% of the way on a sound and structured path only to be told that the builder ran out of supports for the remaining 20%. It may look good at first but we all know how that’s going to end.

What does the creative process look like?

The creative process will vary from person to person and company to company. All we can do is speak from within our own walls. Since we are brand and science geeks at heart, we lean heavily on science and the processes that derive from the nature of research and experimenting. 

With that, we leave little or nothing to chance. Everything is done for a reason. For more information on our process, see our article about Modly’s Mindfully DONE process.


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